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Consultation v. Representation

Your consultation with us serves the purposes of having your situation assessed, exploring any available options with us, and determining whether we can provide meaningful assistance to you or not.  


Your consultation does not automatically secure our representation of you in any matter.  Similarly, your consultation with us does not guarantee the resolution of any matter.

Your Consultation Is Time-Limited.

The total time allotted to your consultation includes the time reasonably required for our review of relevant documentation. 


Prior to your consultation, you may email us a reasonable amount of important documents and/or materials you believe are relevant to your case, along with any specific questions and/or issues you wish to discuss with us during your consultation. 


During your consultation, we will review those documents and/or materials and make every effort to understand your situation and concerns fully and accurately.

As a General Rule, We Do Not Offer Free Consultation.

Your consultation fee has the particular function of compensating the attorney(s) and the non-attorney staff members of Ahn Law Firm, LLC for their time, efforts, and administrative expenses in listening to you, understanding your situation, forming a professional opinion, and/or evaluating your case.


Every day, a large number of legal inquiries and consultation requests arrive at our offices via telephone call, email, text message, and letter.  Because we, as a small boutique law firm, have limited resources and time, we cannot assist every potential client or respond to every inquiry and request immediately. 


In order to secure your consultation by setting aside a particular time slot on our schedule, we typically collect your consultation fee when your consultation gets scheduled.

No Automatic Attorney-Client Relationship

Standing alone, your consultation and/or any subsequent communication with us are insufficient to form an attorney-client relationship between you and Ahn Law Firm, LLC. 


In order to form such a relationship, we must enter into a written Retainer Agreement, in which specific terms and conditions are set forth.    






South Carolina:

4381 Charlotte Hwy

Suite 103

Lake Wylie, SC 29710
803.810.4373   (Principal Office)

803.810.6569   (Lake Wylie)

803.638.8232  (Columbia)

803.200.2704 (Rock Hill)


2180 Satellite Boulevard

Suite 400

Duluth, GA 30097

404.919.2723  (Atlanta)

770.239.1773  (Duluth)

404.310.8837 (한국어 서비스) 

We take pride in our utmost commitment to professionalism and excellence.

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