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Dear Friends:

Ahn Law Firm, LLC is a boutique law firm.  At Ahn Law Firm, the interests of our clients are always the top priority.

We listen to each of our clients carefully so that we can understand fully and accurately who our clients are and what situation they are facing.  We take time to explain each given situation thoroughly in the legal context, but in language that is easy understand. We will make every effort to enable our clients to make well-informed decisions as to their legal representation. 

We believe that personal attention is a key element in effective legal representation. When turning to an attorney for legal advice or assistance, some clients already have in mind the ideal resolution of their situation; others are unsure about how they want their situation to be resolved.  Some clients are focused on their short-term needs; others are more concerned about the potential impacts on their long-term goals.  Some clients seek positive results at all costs; others are more cost-conscious.

We are not only sensitive to our clients' current needs and concerns, but also insightful and proactive in safeguarding their rights and interests toward their long-term objectives.   We pursue the degree of precision and attention to details that are the hallmarks of large national law firms, but take pride in our personalized and cost-efficient services that are typical of small boutique law firms.  

Internally, we are committed to cultivating a professional, yet family-like work environment.  We are dedicated to providing a cohesive and productive environment in which each of our team members communicates, understands, and embraces one another toward the common goal of serving our clients with a focus on their best interests.

We have the utmost commitment to professionalism and excellence in serving our clients. We believe that this commitment requires a work environment that supports and enriches the lives of each of the team members.   Work-life balance is important to us. We offer flexible work schedules to accommodate individual needs and provide opportunities to work part time and/or remotely. 

We strive to maintain an environment that is relaxed, considerate, and cheerful.  We thrive in an atmosphere of mutual respect and consideration that promotes camaraderie and teamwork.  We embrace diversity and apply the same ingenuity, dedication, and efforts to providing equal opportunity for employment and advancement as we do to solving complex legal issues for clients.  Decisions are made without regard to race, religion, gender, age, marital status, disability, national origin, or veteran status. 

We take pride in our pursuit of excellence, professionalism, and client satisfaction in a friendly, transparent, and unpretentious manner.  In fact, we enjoy being told that we are a non-traditional legal team.  Because we focus on our clients' best interests, such high-end executive desks or mahogany bookshelves as are often found in traditional law offices are not what we have or need to impress our visitors.  Rather, we love using inexpensive D.I.Y. furniture made from recycled materials, well-equipped to facilitate our meetings and conferences aimed at "getting the job done." 

Our doors are open.  Our sleeves are always rolled up.  We look forward to hearing from you and meeting with you in one of our offices in Georgia, South Carolina, or Washington, D.C.   


Chan Mo  Ahn


Chan M. Ahn

Managing Attorney

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South Carolina:

4381 Charlotte Hwy

Suite 103

Lake Wylie, SC 29710
803.810.4373   (Main)

803.810.6569   (Lake Wylie)

803.638.8232  (Columbia)

803.200.2704 (Rock Hill)


2180 Satellite Boulevard

Suite 400

Duluth, GA 30097

404.919.2723  (Atlanta)

770.239.1773  (Duluth)

404.310.8837 (Korean Language Service) 

Tell us how we can help you!

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